The Gallery at Steel Pixel Studios

A Lehigh Valley Art Gallery

This contemporary art gallery features artists from the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, with a particular focus on up and coming artists who may not have exhibited in a gallery before. The Gallery is located inside Steel Pixel Studios and operated in partnership with the Lehigh Valley Arts Podcast. Much like the podcast, we aim to make each show accessible for as many as possible.

The Gallery at Steel Pixel Studios is located at: 701 N New St. FL1, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Our hours of operation are: 12pm-4pm Monday – Friday (or by appointment)

Please Note: While our open hours are 12-4, the gallery is located in a mixed use space and may become temporarily unavailable to enter throughout the day. We highly recommend giving us a call, text or message on social media if you plan to come in. If you would like a tour outside of our usual hours, please contact us to make arrangements to see the show! Our phone number is (484) 283-5709.

Upcoming Event

Doug’s Funky Creatopia Art Boogie will be held on Friday, November 10 from 5:30-9 at The Gallery at Steel Pixel Studios.

This exciting, funky and unique event is a collaboration with artist Doug Trachtman, aimed at creating an inviting and groovy event for everyone! Doug, like many others, hasn’t always felt comfortable in a traditional art gallery setting, being put off by a perceived sterile and stiff atmosphere. This event aims to explore the creative, funky, unconventional and spontaneous nature of art while encouraging everyone who attends to get creative, have a blast, and maybe even bust a move!

What you can expect from the event is:

  • Collaborative Art Projects
  • Cool Art
  • Wacky Games
  • Light Refreshments
  • Groovy Music

This event will have a $5 recommended donation for entry.

About the Artist

Doug Trachtman is a 26 year old artist, musician, and food pantry coordinator. He grew up in Allentown, Pa, went to school at Temple University and is now living in the Lehigh Valley area. Doug began making art as a child and drew frequently until high school when he took drawing class and hated it. In college Doug got back into creating both music and visual art. During his senior year of college, he turned his apartment into a makeshift art gallery and hosted two art shows that featured his own art and some friends’ art. Post college, Doug has been working to create a brand around his art and is trying to get more connected in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. His work is characterized by its bright colors and various happy subjects.

Gallery Audio Descriptions